Autism Services

Individual Sessions

I specialize in therapy for individuals on the autism spectrum who prefer a less intrusive approach, have graduated from applied behavioral analysis (ABA), or are seeking mental health services in addition to ABA. During sessions, I work individually with clients on identified goals in communication, pragmatic, social, and emotional skills.

Depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD are common comorbid diagnosis for the autism population. With my professional training as a family therapist combined with 7 years of ABA experience, I am skilled in addressing these areas through a multidisciplinary lense. I always take into consideration the individual’s learning style and the family system.

I am happy to collaborate with parents, family, siblings, and other healthcare professionals on treatment. Caregiver participant to be key in successful outcomes, so I do encourage caregivers/siblings to participate during specified sessions. Programming can also be created to generalize skills to various people and settings.

Home-based Sessions

Have a loved one who is sensitive to environments? I also offer home sessions for qualified clients. I recognize coming into an office may not be the ideal treatment setting for some clients so this service is available to those who live in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Milpitas. Please contact me directly (link to contact page) to inquire about home-based sessions.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

An FBA is a detailed report assessing the function(s) of a given behavior. These behaviors often present in the school setting where they are deemed inappropriate. Unfortunately, not all schools have the ability to provide accommodations or a child’s behaviors don’t present severely enough for them to qualify for services. In these instances, having a professional conduct an FBA can be beneficial for parents and teachers to help the child succeed.

My services include:

  • 10 - hours direct observation in school combined with interviews of caregivers and teachers
  • A detailed report with recommendations on positive behavioral supports (aka behavioral support plan)
  • 2 - hours consultation to review report and recommendations with parent and teachers